Probably the most identifications (indifferent out-of sex, years otherwise career) was in fact mood and you can behavior-relevant

Probably the most identifications (indifferent out-of sex, years otherwise career) was in fact mood and you can behavior-relevant

I have applied the latest open coding (the initial means of the theoretic coding – look for Strauss and you will Corbin, 1990) of obtained material grouping the language-extracted codes inside kinds. I have gotten, therefore, an inventory of 330 codes (we.e. identity modalities: bold, honest, brave, etcetera.). Truth be told there resulted, too, twenty-six groups, certain actually which have subcategories. I’ve thus understood a keen axial programming comprising five axial groups: actual faculties, personal statuses and positions, moods and you will behaviours, and you may abstract something. In that way, the lightweight data, illustrated in the shape of a chart, took the proper execution away from a forest. Such as for example, the brand new axial classification – personality having statuses and roles – had its subcategories: new gender group, family unit members statuses, interactional statuses, professional statuses, spiritual statuses, last but not least, neighborhood statuses. After that, any of these subcategories had their particular subcategories. Such as, family members statuses: household members opportunities while the marital standing; or elite statuses: reputation and job. And you can less than every one of these subcategories it’s possible to get the codes (many reproducing precisely the terms of one’s responders). The new main category or the nucleus category that We connected (owing to choosy coding) most of the axial categories the help of its subcategories and you can codes is actually Identity.

Down seriously to applying the theoretical programming I have experimented with the introduction of theoretic comments as a consequence of clinical reviews within received data into various other kinds of victims; therefore, We have caused matrices to your research sets in acquisition so you’re able to evaluate various teams.

I can enumerate henceforth the findings You will find hit at the stop of one’s data and you may investigation translation. So, the victims out-of my personal lookup identify by themselves?

The other versions are not just a lot fewer, plus smaller varied. So you can evaluate her or him, You will find measured how frequently the brand new identity points features featured in the four classes (whatsoever 184 subjects): real traits – 122 minutes during the 85 subjects (46% of full); statuses and jobs – 335 times in the 139 sufferers (75% of complete), moods and you may behaviors – step 1,406 moments on 177 sufferers (96% of your own complete) and you may abstractions – 76 minutes from the 63 sufferers (34% of the full). I can expose the information and knowledge from inside the a desk for a better look at this new figures.

Such figures inform you how many subjects known these with at the least one part of a certain classification

The latest distribution rates of one’s five versions (find Desk step three) into the final number from responders shows since it pursue (in line with the amount of sufferers which have understood from five brand of categories): real characteristics 18%, statuses and jobs 30%, feelings and behaviors 38%, abstractions 14%. However,, the fresh regularity rates of one’s answers towards examined population appears in this way (according to research by the level of solutions during the for every single category): physical characteristics six%, statuses and you may roles 17%, moods and you will behaviours 73%, abstractions 4%. Aforementioned data inform you (inside percents) how many points of each group have been used of the respondents.

The information establishes know had been centered on properties (disposed inside the matrix lines, for the columns as the character categories): intercourse (masculine/feminine), reputation (manager/non-manager), movie director variety of (small: people leader, agency director, quick otherwise medium entrepreneur/big: top movie director, best entrepreneur), doing work lay (state-owned/personal markets), years span (youngsters – 26-39/adult – 40-49/the elderly – 50-69)

Based on it table, the majority describe themselves as a result of feelings and you will behaviors; there is certain advice which they release regarding method it was, act and you may act; as well, temperamental properties or regarding social telecommunications; it is not unclear, ambiguous advice; this isn’t standard recommendations otherwise empty terminology; it’s personal data, attributes you to definitely personalize, that make anybody excel, one satisfy the need of uniqueness; they are certainly not collective identifications otherwise associations.